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IBEW Local #104


     McDonough Electric are proud members of ISNETWORLD as well as EEI and we currently hold an "A" rating.

     We pride ourselves on an extremely low incident rate, and are held in high regard in terms of safety best practices.

       Our crew rosters are a good balance between young capable journeymen and apprentices mixed with older experienced lineman that have been in this work for decades. This balance equates to a surplus of knowledge, experience, and ultimately a much safer work environment.

      There is no debating how dangerous this industry can be. However, with the proper safety practices, consistency, and strong leadership these risks can be mitigated substantially.

The safety of our workers is our number one priority at all times, and we pride ourselves on having an excellent safety record.

Every one of our 22 line trucks are outfitted with a minimum of (4) green 1500 lumen anti-trip undercarriage flood lights, and (3) 1500 lumen white deck lights to increase safety and decrease slips, trips, and falls when working at night. Trip hazards and debris are all around us in an emergency storm situation posing an imminent threat, and this is yet another step we have taken to deliver nothing but the best in safe work practices.


Above you'll see a routine morning safety meeting before all the men head out to the job. Everyone is checked for the proper personal protective equipment, or PPE.

Below is a recognition article written by Cranes Truck Service, who does all of our dielectric testing on our booms, bucket liners, and hot sticks.

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