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McDonough Electric is proud to now be able to offer our customers a wide variety of Drone / UAV services. We are now fully equipped with multiple drones of varying sizes with flight range stretching over 2 miles. We have the flexibility to select the correct drone for the job at hand. High Resolution photos and 4K video are at our fingertips.


The addition of remotely flown unmanned aircraft is not only to increase productivity, but to also increase the safety of our men.


Some of the services we are now offering our customers include:


- Pole and equipment inspections (cracked cut-outs, rotted cross arms, split pole tops, damaged wire etc.)


- Aerial photos of finished antenna build sites.


-More efficient and safer patrol of right-away lines in storm situations.


- Our largest drone is capable of pulling a p-line and spider line over various hazards, increasing productivity and speed.

Not only can we capture the high resolution photos and video, we also have the ability to compile and edit the raw media into smooth polished videos thanks to our experienced staff and full suite of Adobe products.


If you would like a finished video of a completed work site, whether it be a solar field project, addition of a new primary circuit, or a finished small cell antenna we are equipped to provide you with whatever you may need. Please don't hesitate to ask.


If you are interested in viewing some of our in house drone footage please click

Small Cell Antennas


Drone Capabilities

Drone Capabilities



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